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Model Capacity(kg/h) Main Motor Power(kw) Feed Power(kw) Cutting Power(kw) Screw diameter(mm)
GAS-85 250-300 30 0.75 0.75 80
GAS-95 400-450 37 1.5 1.5 90
GAS-100 500-550 55 1.5 1.5 100

Pet Food Production Line Introduction
This pet food production line is designed to produce pet food pellets, also animal feed for every kind of animals, like cats, dog, fish, mink, foxed, rabbit, fish, shrimps, poultry, livestock, birds and other pets. The pet food pellet machine normally using grains powder as main material, mixing with meat, bones powder, fish powder as a flavoring. By  adjusting the ratio of raw materials, processing temperature, moisture, extrusion pressure and other production processes, it can make the product have different size, shape, taste and nutrition ratio. Pet food production line would satisfy different demands for capacity and quality. As the same time, we focus on palatability and scientific nutritional proportion, which make pet food more easily digested and absorbed.

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Raw Material required :
Type: corn flour, wheat flour, soya flakes meal, rice, wheat bran, meat, bones powder, fish powder, annexing agent, etc.
Fitness: about 60-80mesh which were crushed and mixed 
Moisture content: about 20%-25%
Starch content: ≥30%
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Pet Food Application: cats, dogs, foxes, mink, pigs, sheep, rabbits, fish, monkey, shrimps, poultry, livestock, birds, etc.
Shape of the pet food: heart shape, round, bone shape, triangle, small fish shape, square, ellipse, plum blossom shape, etc
Pet Food Production Line Technical Flow
Mixing(raw material grinding and mixing system)→Delivering material→extrusion→air conveying→drying→transportation→seasoning→air conveying→cooling→packing
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Pet Food Production Line Working Process
1. Feed Mixing machine: Add a certain proportion of water to the raw corn flour, rice flour, soy flour, meat powder, cereal flour, additives, etc., and mix well.
2. Feed feeding machine: using the motor as the power of screw conveyor, the mixed raw materials are transported to the feeding hopper of the extruder to ensure convenient and quick loading.
3. Feed puffing machine: in the high temperature and high pressure environment, screw extrusion, make different specifications of feed, the specific particle size and shape can be replaced.
4. Conveyor: deliver the feed to the oven.
5. The oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet, the interior is a double-layer mesh bag, reducing the moisture of feed pellets, promoting the ripening rate and increasing the shelf life.
6. Seasoning line: The oil sprayer sprays oil, attractant, etc. The seasoning tube has an octagonal cylinder, a cylinder, a lifting single drum, and a double drum seasoning line. According to the output and product nature, the grease is sprayed on the surface of the feed. Spray minced meat and spices and spread evenly.

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Pet Food Production Line Advantages
1. Stainless steel material: stainless steel materials are used in the whole line, it is safe and pollution-free. The surface is smooth without adsorption. It can be cleaned, sterilized safely and not be corroded. Stainless steel will not pollute feed, and has high tolerance to large temperature difference and fast temperature change in feed production, and its life will last longer than ten years.
2. Pet Food Production Line is suitable for all kinds of animals. Like domestic animals: pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry, chickens, ducks, goose, birds;  Aquatic products:fish, shrimp, crab; Pets:cats, rabbits, dogs;
3. The shape of the pet food can be heart shape, bone shape, round, triangle, small fish shape, square, ellipse, plum blossom, shape, etc.
4. The diameter of pet food can be adjusted according to the mould, and the sinking or floating of feed can be controlled according go the proportion of water

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Pet Food Production Line Working Video

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