Flat Bottom Grain Silo

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Product  Name Flat Bottom Grain Silo
Material galvanized steel sheet
Life 30-50 years
Body Plate 275m2 Galvanization
Stairs ladders and stairs as outside climbing options
Brand Herm

Grain Storage Silos Introduction
Flat-bottomed grain steel silos, also known as flat-bottomed grain silos, flat-bottomed grain hopper bins, are a kind of galvanized bellows with flat bottom assembly steel silos located on a cement platform, which is widely used in advanced grain storage equipment, mainly divided into warehouse top and warehouse body two parts.

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Large-capacity storage is a typical feature of flat-bottomed grain steel silos, which range in storage from 40m3 to 30000m3. Multiple flat-bottomed steel silos can form a steel silo system for integrated control through Herm's own control system to meet your food storage needs.

Flat-bottomed grain silos are generally installed on flat or conical concrete, which can store large quantities of corn, rice, wheat, soybeans and other grains, seeds, granules and granular products for a long time. Assembly-type flat-bottomed grain steel silo wall silo wall plate is ripple-shaped, the inner wall is smooth and no steps or flang, the bottom is equipped with a clearing winch and scraper machine, and with a certain height on the ground, so that the storage of grain easy to discharge from the flat-bottomed silo, prevent the storage material moisture and make the adjacent steel silo interconnected through the conveyor, thus making it easy for food to be extracted on demand.

Herm storage flat-bottomed grain silos are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the standard. Unique enhanced optimization design, high-quality raw materials, precision processing accuracy and perfect quality assurance system, so that Herm warehouse flat-bottomed grain steel silos carry more grain storage, larger wind or snow load, suitable for a variety of harsh environments, for your food to provide the ultimate safe storage and protection.
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The Main Components of the Steel Silo
Herm warehouse flat steel silo consists of silo top cover, entry hole, roof armrest, natural vents, internal and external ladders, internal and external reinforced ribs, silo doors, platforms, clearance winches, conveying equipment, cleaning equipment, temperature and humidity controllers, level meters and food storage control systems. All of this is tightly integrated to ensure automatic, safe and efficient food storage. All components of Herm warehouse flat steel silos are made of standard and high-quality materials with strict process and quality control.

(1) Waterproof steel plate warehouse top
The top of the flat-bottomed steel silo is an umbrella-shaped steel frame with a C-type carbon steel galvanized frame with natural ventilation windows, entry holes, ladders and safety guards. The top of the steel silo is refined and assembled from galvanized steel plates. If the diameter of the sealed steel barn is less than 22 meters, the steel plate cang top is 25 corners, otherwise, the steel plate warehouse top is a 30-degree angle.

(2) Cylindrical bellows
Assembly-type flat-bottomed grain steel silos using high elastic tolerances of the structure galvanized steel S350GD manufacturing, coating equivalent to 600g/m2 zinc, wall panels are ripple-like, surrounded by reinforced ribs, the inner wall is smooth and no steps or flan, silos and the ground have a certain height, so that the storage of grain easily discharged from the silos.

(3) Concrete steel silo foundation
When the steel silo capacity is large and the silo diameter is less than 12 meters, the cement silo base will be used to automatically unload the stored product. When the silo diameter is greater than 12 meters, a semi-conical base or flat base is constructed. The semi-conical bottom cannot completely remove the grain material, it needs to unload the grain material with the clearing winch. The cement base is medium in price and has a slightly longer construction period.

(4) Clear the hang dragon
A silo winch is a rotary spiral conveyor, also known as a sweeper or a clearing machine, designed and installed to collect the residue of a steel silo, thus concentrating materials such as grain in the center of a flat-bottomed steel silo and providing automatic unloading of grain through gravity. The clearance winch can be rotated 360 degrees to clean up the residual material stored in the flat-bottomed steel silo.

(5) Safe and convenient ladders and access points
Ladders made of Herm warehouse high-strength galvanized plates have rolling-molded sides and stamping cross-sections that eliminate cross-shift rotation and easily climb to the access port or warehouse top to view food storage status, check the status of warehouse top equipment, and access scraper conveyors.

(6) Insulation layer
Flat-bottomed grain steel silos can be designed and installed to meet special material storage needs. Steel barn insulation can effectively promote the storage of products to maintain optimal quality and constant temperature, widely used in areas with large temperature difference between day and night and coastal areas and other wet places, but also widely used in the four seasons of cold areas. The insulation layer generally has three layers, the first layer is a silo made of hot-dip galvanized bellows, the second layer is an insulation layer made of high-quality insulation rock wool, and the third layer is a colored steel plate or galvanized plate.

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The Main Features of Flat-bottom Grain Steel Silos
· Compared with the tapered steel silo, a single flat-bottomed steel silo has a larger storage capacity, up to nearly 30,000 cubic meters;
· The construction period is short and the cost is low.
· With the bucket lifter, scraper machine matching, convenient food fast access;
· Self-weight light, low requirements for the foundation, the foundation can be built with brick and cement;
· Multiple flat-bottomed steel silos can form a system;
· To facilitate mechanization and modern management;
· Reliable use and easy maintenance;
· Long service life, generally up to 30 years.

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Flat-Bottomed Grain Steel Silo Applications
Flat-bottomed grain silos are widely used to store grain such as sunflower seeds, soybeans, corn, sorghum, rice, wheat, plastic particles and other materials, as well as feed granules for animals, poultry and fish that require special storage conditions, and can design and manufacture irregular steel silo products according to the special requirements of customers. Flat-bottomed grain silos are widely used in grain banks, flour mills, grain and rice mills, grease mills, malt mills, breweries, ports, farms, grain processing centers, coal mines and other units, and can also be used as grass-roots storage silos, staging silos, transit silos, raw material silos, grain reserves and other uses.

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