2T/H Feed Pellet Plant for Poultry and Livestock

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Section Introduction Equipment List Power Output
Feed Collection, Crushing And Mixing Screw elevator 2pc, Feed hammer 1pc, Ribbon Mixer 1pc, Cyclone 2pc 26.4kw Mash feed 2t/h, Sieve Ø3mm
Feed Pelleting Screw elevator 1pc, Buffer hopper 1pc, Feed Pellet Mill 1pc, Cyclone system 1set 33.45kw Feed feed 2t/h, Ring Ø3mm
Feed Cooling And  Sifting And Packing Pellet Cooler 1pc, Vibration Sifter 1pc, Cyclone system 1set, Packing Silo, etc 5.43kw Cool feed 2t/h
Control system, etc Control System, Installation parts - -
Total Consumption Power: 64kw, Occupy Area: About L 10m*W:6m *H:5.2m,Application: Produce Animal Mash Feed & Pellet Feed. Yield: up to 2T/H

2T/H Feed Pellet Plant for Poultry and Livestock Introduction

This 2T/H Poultry feed plant or poultry feed machine or feed pellet machine contains a feed mixer, feed loader, feed distributor, pellet machine, belt conveyor, pallet stock bin, cooler screen, belt conveyor, pellet packer, electric control cabinet. This complete feed pellet plant can accomplish raw material mixing, transmission, feeding, and pelletizing. After the raw materials become feed pellets, the following equipment can cool them down and pack them into bags. We will design the full pellet line flow chart according to your raw materials dimension and specific requirement.

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This feed pellet plant is specially designed for processing feed pellets for some larger livestock farms and feed factories. It includes four main production processing steps and consists of 42 machines to complete the whole feed pelletizing procedure from feeding raw material to packing into bags. This 2 t/h feed pellet production line is featured with high working efficiency, less energy-consuming, reliable performance, and lower production cost. It enjoys much more popularity in the feed processing industry, and best customer loyalty and reliance in Europe, America, and Asia, also in Africa, and so on.

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2T/H Poultry Feed Plant Features
1. The feed loader adopts a broken arch structure
2. The feeding speed of the feeder is adjustable
3. The pellet cooler screen has a production capacity of 1-2t/h. After cooled, the pellets’ temperature is 3-5℃ higher than the room temperature.
4. The pellet cooler adopts a pull-out system. The discharge process is uniform without any residues.
5. Widely applied product with mature technology.
6. The replacement of the ring die mold is very easy. 
7. All processes can be CUSTOMIZED
8. Visibility to viewing the material during pelleting is the best way to fix problems
9. Lower manpower requirements, less time cost 
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Main Machine of 2T/H Feed Pellet Making Line Function

Feed Hammer Mill: Crushing all kinds of grains, such as wheat, corn, sorghum, rice, crushed cake, etc
Pulse Dust Collector: Removing dust adhering to a filter medium by blowing compressed air
Single Roller Double Rotary Belt Mixer: Inner and outer belts push the material in the opposite direction to mix the materials
Electrical Control Cabinet: control each equipment of the production line
Counter-flow Feed Pellet Cooler: Cooler bring down the pellets at normal temperature
Vibrating Screen Classifier: Screen for impurities and grades
Animal Feed Pellet Machine: Good pellet mill can ensure that produce good pellets
Pellet Feed Crumbler: Large granular material is broken into irregular small granular materials
Automatic Bagging System: Finished storage bin and weighing system for packing finished feed pellets

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 2T/H Poultry Feed Machine Advantages
1. Reduced Investment: The small feed mill plant is designed to satisfy workshop conditions and reduced requirements due to its compact structure style.
2. Reduced Installing Cost: feed production line comes with simple installation instructions. After connecting the machine, you can go ahead to start using it immediately.
3. Minimized Manufacturing Cost: The animal feed plant can only be operated by one to two employers. Your profit will be increased due to the low cost and less labor.
4. Comprehensive Application: The small feed mill plant is ideal for making feed pellets for a wide range of poultry animals and livestock.
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 2T/H Feed Pellet Mills Application

For making cattle, geese, pigs, duck, chicken, sheep, rabbit, and other animals, livestock and poultry feed. Such as 2-4mm diameter chick feed pellets and pig feed pellets.2-5mm rabbit feed pellet, 4-8mm cattle or sheep feed pellets. The last pellet length can be adjusted.

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