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Model Capacity
SZLH25 1-2t/h
SZLH32 3-5t/h
SZLH35 3-7t/h
SZLH40 4-10t/h
SZLH45 6-15t/h

Our cattle feed plant also know as cattle feed pellet plant, or cattle feed plant machinery, it is one of series livestock feed production line. This cow feed plant line is suitable for cow, sheep, camel, deer, pig, etc.
Cattle feed should contain needed supplements like protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to make sure cattle can grow healthy and fast. The pellet shape cattle feed is one of the most used cattle feed types and it is getting more and more popular among cattle farmers.
We can turnkey all kinds of cattle feed pellet plants and provide more value-added service to all the customers (different output configuration can be customized.)

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Finished Cattle Feed Pellet:
Cattle/Cow:4-12mm(5-8mm is the most common)
Young Cow/Calvess:5-6mm pellet
Breeding Cattlels:6-7mm pellet
Milking Cattles:6-8mm pellet
Racing Cattles:6-8mm pellet

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Main Materials:
Quality hay (including 20% leguminous grass), Corn silage, Green cut feed, Roots (carrots, beets), Bad residue (Distiller grains, bean curd residue), Soybean meal, Corn, Wheat bran, Salt, baking soda, etc.
Cattle Feed Plant Working Process

1.Raw Material Pre-cleaning
This section of the main task is to sort out the impurity and iron in all cattle feed raw material, let clean material into the cattle feed crusher. Its significance lies in the first is to guarantee the quality of the final product, and the second is the protect and guarantee the normal work of the hammer mill.

cattle feed pellet making process

2.Raw Material Crushing
Before making cattle feed pellets, the raw materials should be grinded. The cattle feed hammer mill can grind the raw material ingredients to the required size.

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3.Precise Ingredients
This section is to fill material in proportion bins. During this section, all equipment after the outlet screw conveyor is in the closed state. Under the command of the central control room, the different cattle feed raw materials through different channels into different proportioning bins. Materials that need to be crushed will go through a granule pre-cleaning device and permanent magnet drum, by rotary distributor go into different bins.

4.Raw Material Mixing
Mixing is considered to be one of the essential operations in cattle feed pellet processing, using a mixer to mix the grinded raw materials. There are three types of our mixer: double shaft feed mixer, vertical feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer.

cattle feed plant mixer

5.Press Raw Materials into Pellets
The feed pellet mill is the main equipment of the whole cattle feed pellet processing production line. Our pellet mills are equipped with a full stainless steel feeder and conditioner to make high quality pellet. The quality of conditioning directly determines the quality of cattle pellet feed. You can according to the needs of yourself to customize conditioner to apply to the production of different materials or cattle feed objects.

6.Cattle Feed Pellet Cooling
The cattle feed pellets pressed out by the animal feed pellet press machine are hot and moist, the temperature of the cattle feed pellet is about 80-90℃, they can’t be crushed screened, or packed immediately. The counter-flow cooler is adopted to cool the cattle pellets with high temperature and moisture.

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7.Separate Pellets and Powder to Meet End Needs
The cattle feed pellets are of different sizes, and there may be some powder. The screener can be used to screen and grade the cattle feed pellets. After processing, you can get the qualified cattle feed pellets without fine powder.

8.Cattle Feed Pellet Packing
The powder and granules in the finished cattle feed pellet products bins which needs to be packaged will be packed by automatic packing machine, finished products that do not need to be packaged will be taken away by a bulk truck.

9.Dust Aspiration
Our dust aspiration system can be used along your entire cattle feed value-added chain to meet all relevant market requirements. We can help you avoid explosive atmospheres and protect your employees, environment, and plant. Valuable fine products can be led back into the process stream, reducing the waste.

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10.Covey All Applications
In the cattle feed mills, raw materials or finished products are often handled before they can be processed. This requires a complete set of conveying equipment. Corn is usually not bagged when raw materials enter the factory. The truck directly unloads the raw materials into the tunnel and then transports it to the lifting place by scraper conveyor, and finally lifts it to the silo for storage.

Plant design and engineered solutions

All Herm animal process lines and/or feed pellet complete processing plants are tailor-made to suit the customer’s specific requirement, which also implies a close dialogue with the client regarding present and future requirements as well as local conditions.
When designing a customer specific plant solution, we always take account of the account for:

1. Reliable processing
2. Cost efficiency
3. Uniform feed pellet quality
4. High-performance animal feed
5. Shifting availability of feed ingredients
6. Increasing number of environmental standards and hygiene regulations
7. The requirement for traceability in the interests of food safety

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Our Advantages
1.As a professional feed equipment manufacturer, we have a powerful designing, producing, construction, and after-sale service team, and could provide more efficient and reliable service for you.
2.Possessing decades of years of experience in poultry feed production line design and construction, we are capable of offering tailor-made services and total solution.

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