What is The Main Machines in the Animal Feed Making Plant
Crusher part of  animal feed pellet machines:
Crushing is one of the important processes in animal feed pellet processing. And, it is the main factor affecting the quality, yield, and cost of compound feed. The significance of crushing is to improve feed digestibility, enhance the feeding effect and improve feed quality.

Now widely used is the drop-shaped pulverizer. The hammer mill has a simple structure, strong versatility, convenient use and maintenance, and high production efficiency.
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The working process of the pellet feed crusher machine:
When the pellet feed crusher machine working, after the material enters the crushing chamber, it is crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer. The flies to the toothed plate at a high speed, and collide with the toothed plate for further crushing. It was such a blow that the material shattered into small particles.
Mixing part of the animal feed pellet machines

The main purpose of feed mixing is to mix all kinds of raw materials evenly according to the formula. This allows animals to eat a balanced feed that meets the requirements of the formula.
The horizontal ribbon mixer generally has two layers of ribbons inside and outside, and the two layers of ribbons are left and right spirals respectively. When one spiral belt sends the material from one end of the mixer to the other end, the other spiral belt conveys the material in the reverse direction. The inner helical belt is wider than the outer layer, which produces strong convection and shear mixing inside the machine. 
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The double-shaft paddle mixer is acted by two rotors that rotate in opposite directions. The material is driven by the paddle to rotate counterclockwise around the casing, and at the same time, the material is turned up and down, forming a weightless area where the two rotors overlap. The material forms an all-around continuous cycle flipping in the body, and shears staggered with each other, to achieve the effect of fast, gentle, and uniform mixing.
The two asymmetrical helical shafts of the conical planetary mixer rotate and make planetary motions along the cylinder wall at the same time. The short helix moves close to the center, which improves the mixing in the center and achieves a fast and uniform mixing effect.
Feed pelleting part of animal feed pellet machines
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Feed molding is to process powdered compound feed, mixed feed, hay powder, crop straw, husk, etc. into granular, block, and cake pellet feed. Feed molding can effectively avoid the occurrence of picky eating in livestock.  To ensure the complete nutrition of the feed, maintain the uniformity of the feed ingredients, change the packaging, transportation, and storage, which is beneficial to the absorption and digestion of livestock. At the same time, it can also kill harmful microorganisms such as Salmonella in the feed during the processing, reduce the incidence of animal digestive tract diseases, help protect animal health, reduce diseases, and improve the economic benefits of the breeding industry.

Feed pellets can generally be divided into ordinary pellet feed and extruded pellet feed. Pellet feed is a mixed full-price compound feed, which is extruded by the working parts of the pellet mill and formed through the die hole. The products are mostly cylindrical and the particles are hard, which is suitable for many kinds of animals. According to the different stages of animal growth and development, the particle diameter and length are also different. The extruded pellet feed has various shapes and is suitable for aquatic animals, young animals, ornamental animals, etc.

It should also be mentioned that general poultry, livestock, etc. use ordinary feed pellets. And fish, pets, etc., eat more puffed particles.

According to the classification of feed physical properties, the feed can be divided into powder feed and pellet feed. Powdered feed is made by grinding a variety of feed raw materials into powder shape, and mixing them with additive premixed feed according to the requirements of feeding standards. The advantage is that the production and processing technology is simple, and the cost is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the dust is large during production and the loss is large. During storage and transportation, nutrients are easily inactivated by external interference, and waste is caused by animals being picky eaters and scattered. In addition, the particle size of the powder should be different according to the animal species, age, etc. And it is not the thinner the better. Too thick will affect digestion. But too thin, it is easy to form a strong cohesive mass in the digestive tract, it is not easy to digest.

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