Types of Animal Feed Making Machine for Different Animals

Why DWNeed to Use Animal Feed Pellet Machines?

A: Firstly, in the process of granulation, under the combined action of water, heat, and pressure, starch gelatinized and cracked, and the structure of cellulose and fat changed, which was beneficial to the full digestion, absorption, and utilization of livestock and poultry and improved the digestibility of feed. Steam sterilization at a high temperature can reduce the possibility of mildew and worm in feed and improve the palatability of feed.

B: Secondly, when making feed granules, different raw materials are usually made into formulas, so the feed granules are usually full of nutrition, animals are not easy to be picky about food, the separation of nutrients is reduced, and the nutrition supply is balanced every day.

C: The reduction of particle volume can shorten the feeding time and reduce the nutritional consumption of livestock and poultry due to feeding activities; Easy feeding and labor-saving.

D: Fourth, it is small in size and not easy to disperse. In any given space, it can store more products, is not easy to get damp, and is convenient for bulk storage and transportation.

E: In the process of loading, unloading, and handling, various ingredients in the feed will not be graded, and the uniformity of trace elements in the feed will be maintained to avoid picky eaters.
Therefore, we recommend the use of feed production lines on farms. Families can also use a feed pellet-making machine, which is more convenient.

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How to Choose One or a Set of Suitable Feed Production Machines?
First of all, we suggest considering your usage scenario first. If you only use it for your livestock and poultry and the number of animals is not large, we recommend that you choose a small animal feed pellet machine. The output of a small granulator ranges from 1,00 to 2,000 kg per hour, and there are also simple production lines including crusher machine, mixer, and granulator. And if you plan to use the machine for your animal ad also want to sell some to your clients, but not want too large capacity, there is a small production line, 500 kg per hour, 1000kg per hour, 2000 per hour capacity. The small production line is equipped with a crusher machine, mixing machine, animal feed pellet machines, cooler machine, and packing machine. It can help with the packing, then you can sell the feed pellet to your clients.

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If you have a big farm with many animals,  or you do the feed pellet sell business, we recommend you to use a production line with a capacity of more than 2 tons per hour. The capacity can be two to Hundreds of tons per hour. The main machine is including the crusher machine, mixing machine, pellet feed making machine, cooler machine, and packing machine. The luxury production line also will with the Sundry cleaning system machine, Grease adding system, Drying system, Rotary classification screen machine, Steel frame platform, etc.
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If you make feed pellet for pets and fish, feed extruder pellet machine. Fish feed will not sink for a long time, the shape will not change within 12 hours. feed extruder pellet, The taste for animals will be better. And there is also have a production line for pet and fish food, the main machine is crusher machine, mixing machine, pellet feed making machine, dryer machine, Sprayer, packing machine, etc.

The most important is that to choose the machine according to your budget for the machine. And because different animals need the different diameters of the feed, so the feed pellet machine can be equipped with different moulds for the feed. If you have special requirement for the machine can also contact us, we can make the machine according to your needs, We also help to design the factory building, installation, etc.

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Different Diameter Feed for Different Animals:
According to pigs in different periods, the feed pellets for pigs are around 3-15mm.
The diameter of chicken feed pellets is 3-5mm.
According to different growth periods, the diameter of feed pellets for ducks should be 4-8mm.
The diameter of feed pellets for adult ruminants and young animals over two years is 4.5-19mm.
The diameter of feed pellets for adult sheep, suckling sheep and young sheep is 4-12mm.
The diameter of feed for horses is 4.5-19mm.
The diameter of feed for Rabbits is 0.8-3mm.
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